Home Textile Sewing Thread price

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Home Textile Sewing Thread price

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Products type : home textile sewing thread
Material : 100% polyester
Type : 30S/3
Color : light blue
Net weight : 155g
Process : Eco-friendly
Place of origin : YIWU city, ZHEJIANG province, China
Transaction type : FOB, CIF
Delivery time : 15 days
Packing details : plastic bag cover thread,others need customize
Usable range : winter clothing, shoes,thick quilt,cape glove,toy
Specialty: Resistance to dry cleaning, stone scrubbing, bleaching and other detergents, low washing-shrinkage, high strength, chemical resistance, excellent seamability and prevents skipping.
What details need to pay attention when buying sewing thread?
First of all , type, net weight , color, yard are the crucial information , Color is rich usually, we had better refer to the color card to confirm. What’s more, we can share our purposes to manufacturer, do this can make sure the type is more suitable to us in both sides, the manufacturer is also familiar with the using. In addition, Payment, package, delivery cycle we need confirm before place an order. If we have some special requirements, we also need to tell the factory in advance. When we tell those information to the manufacturer, the manufacturer can clearly know what type of sewing thread we need, and can ensure that this is what we have purchased.Home Textile Sewing Thread price
website:http://www.yinxiangtex.com/100-polyeste ... ng-thread/